layered emotions:
the works of Bettina Hachmann

Hirmer publishing company | Authors: Katrin Boskamp-Priever, Dieter Ronte, Elmar Zorn
Text: German / English | 160 pages | 90 illustrations in colour | 24 × 28 cm, bound


16. July - end of August 2021

Bitburg- ART

A city full of art. For this summer, Bitburg's city center will be the stage for regional, national and international art. At different locations - Museum Haus Beda, Stadthalle, Sparkasse, Volksbank, Haus der Jugend, Liebfrauenkirche and many vacancies as well as public spaces - a wide range of painting, drawing, photography, installation, performance and sculpture will be on view - it will be on definitely exciting ... The works of Bettina Hachmann are also represented there. The Overhead Gallery is curating the event

20 Aug - 15 Sept 2021

Gallery Bernd Bentler

Solo Exhibition:
"Layer by Layer"
Bettina Hachmann at the Gallery Bernd Bentler
The exhibition opening will take place on Friday 20.8.21 at 7.30 pm. The opening speech will be given by Prof. Dr. Ronte.
The artist is present.
Friedrichstraße 53, 53111 Bonn, Germany

24 Sept - 7 Nov 2021

Kunstverein Bad Nauheim
[Art Association ]

Painting on canvas and paper and an installation Solo exhibition at Kunstvereien Bad Nauheim, in the spacious rooms of the gallery in the Trinkkuranlage Vernissage: 24.09.2021,
7 pm in the rooms of the gallery in the Trinkkuranlage
A matinee with an artist talk is planned for 07.11.2021, 11 a.m.

Further works can be found
at the following galleries:

Gallery Bernd Bentler
Friedrichstraße 53, 53111 Bonn

Gallery Schürmann
Moerser Staße 252, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort

Gallery Kleebolte
Showroom: Wigstraße 3, 45239 Essen

Gallery Overhead



"The image is not a complete fact, but something that is constantly evolving to help us make new discoveries It must always say something and reflect the intensity of its creation, so that it will still speak to us later. The more the artist has invested, the more we as recipients benefit from it."

Emil Schumacher "Leben in der Malerei"

Conversations and texts, Hatje und Cantz


This intensity is decisive for me in the creation of my paintings.


Intensive, challenging and multi-layered - this is how they become mirrors of living one’s life for me!



more: about me

" ... "

"The paintings of Bettina Hachmann are rather herself, a mirror of the artist, figure, landscape, colour on canvas, order and chaos as well as the desire to celebrate again and again the process of emotions through the painted picture."

"As elusive, supersensuous manifestations of a supremely autonomous and intellectually charged aesthetic, as perplexing as they are palpable, they have the power to carry the graphic and painterly tradition of the canon into the future in a way that is not just intelligible, but exciting."

"In Hachmann’s case, moreover, there is not just the refinement of subtly staggered lines and fine, spidery webs, but also a narrative and dramatic complexity ..."

Dr. Christian Krausch Extract from a catalogue preface
Dr. Elmar Zorn Extract from the Introduction form the Book
Layer by Layer, Hirmerverlag, (Munich 2021)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte Extract from: Where to Position
Bettina Hachmann’s Works in
Contemporary Art (Bonn 2021)



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