Bettina Hachmann resists the temptation of quick results. She leaves it to the image to develop. This includes chance as well as conscious action or a good knowledge of the material, its properties and behaviour. The artist herself is involved in this process, which, incidentally, hardly seems suitable to correspond to any romantic idea of painting, but rather proves to be an extremely physical act of pictorial creation, in something that I am not afraid to describe as a symbiotic relationship. For only in this way does it become clear how small the processual, the controlled part that makes up these works is. While other artists are virtually intent on having their works viewed to show which path they have taken, Bettina Hachmann's paintings (after they are finished) seem as if they materialize at the moment of their viewing. This is achieved by the condensation of the many layers, which on the one hand leads back to the material's materiality, its feel, and - paradoxically - at the same time to a hardly overlookable transparency, which can lead to sometimes bright veils of colour. For what at first glance appears to be grey, and somehow monochrome, is in fact very rich in colour, in sparkling pigments as well as in the colouring that comes from the materials used in that painting.
Extract from the foreword to the catalogue Opening by Stefan Skowron Aachen, January 2016


  • born in 1967, Geldern, Germany
  • 1973-1983 grew up in Flensburg
  • since 2004 studio for painting at Schloss-Wissen, Weeze
  • Member of the BBK (Berufsverband Bildender Künstler [Professional Association of Visual Artists])
  • Work in public ownership and company acquisitions including: Bundeszentrale für Arbeit Bonn, Volksbank Niederrhein e.G, Sparkasse Krefeld, LINEG Linksniederrheinische Entwässerungs-Genossenschaft, Kamp-Lintfort, Insolito, Sylt
  • since 1999 exhibitions in Germany and abroad, among others in the Netherlands, Morocco, France, Denmark and Switzerland
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Bettina Hachmann
Beurskensweg 18
D-47608 Geldern
Schloss Wissen
Schlossallee 26
D-47652 Weeze