[...] The effect of Bettina Hachmann's painting is immediate. Much of what the artist, who comes from Geldern, processes in her works seems at first glance to be of natural origin. Vague memories of landscape impressions arise, seemingly familiar forms with representational connotations make us think of found objects from nature. The disturbance causes something else: there are deep, precise cuts, makeshift patched holes, wafer-thin torn paper, filigree lines, fine webs and interwoven nets - as abstract as they are expressive. Everything follows a mysterious system, a secret law of nature. When we meet, the artist explains her technique and I don't have to ask twice and stroke the surfaces of the paintings. They are surprisingly smooth, almost delicate, my fingertips feel infinitely thin layers, minimal elevations and barely noticeable structures. I clearly feel the physical reflex to wipe away dirt as my hand strokes a surface with a grainy, blotchy texture. The haptic experience subverts my expectation of impastoed colour structures and jagged canvases. Depending on the incidence of light, some sections have a metallic or mineral sheen. [...]

Dr Katrin Boskamp-Priever: Introductory words to the interview:
Tracks, from the monograph, Layer by Layer, published by Hirmerverlag.



  • born in 1967, Geldern, Germany
  • 1973-1983 grew up in Flensburg
  • since 2004 studio for painting at Schloss-Wissen, Weeze
  • Member of the BBK (Berufsverband Bildender Künstler [Professional Association of Visual Artists])
  • Work in public ownership and company acquisitions including: Bundeszentrale für Arbeit Bonn, Volksbank Niederrhein e.G, Sparkasse Krefeld, LINEG Linksniederrheinische Entwässerungs-Genossenschaft, Kamp-Lintfort, Insolito, Sylt
  • since 1999 exhibitions in Germany and abroad, among others in the Netherlands, Morocco, France, Denmark and Switzerland
  • since 2022 Room for time out
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+49 151 56423213
Bettina Hachmann
Beurskensweg 18
D-47608 Geldern
Schloss Wissen
Schlossallee 26
D-47652 Weeze